Dry toilet (2023)

Construction of a dry toilet for an NGO School in Sanarate Guatemala that does not have water for “wash-down toilets“

Lucía García

Children that live in extreme poverty are suffering from water scarcity every day.

In a small town in Sanarate Guatemala there is a school with very little water resources. This NGO driven Sunday School is teaching 120 Children and 20 Adults. All have to do open defecation every time they attend the school. This increases the possibilities of getting diseases and causes mental distress because of the lack of privacy.

The community flushes its toilets directly into the local river or have very poor septic tanks that pollute the underground water.

The NGO school is aiming to become a public school in a near future and one of the main requirements is to have toilets.

The solution

Sustainable dry toilets that don’t use water. The feces and urine are separated and transformed into organic fertilizer for the school crops.

The greywater is treated in a biofilter to be reuse in the school crops.

The toilets will have a rainwater harvesting system to increase the water supply.