RIAS offers support for start-up projects of IHE alumni in their own country by making an amount of money available per project between € 500 and € 2.500

The submitted project proposals are assessed by an Advisory Group and an Expert Group.

The funded projects of 2023

  • Construction of a Dry Toilet for an NGO School in Sanarate Guatemala that does not have water for “wash-down toilets“
  • Vermiculture – Domestication of fishing baits on Lake George to save papyrus vegetation in Uganda
  • Biomimicri based Reforestation for Water Restoration and Co-Benefits in Kenyan Forests

The funded projects of 2022

  • Create film to amplify the voices of women fishers campaigning for wetland protection in Chennai
    Ain Contractor – India
  • Test commercial feasibility of Lombrifiltro filter as alternative to sewerage
    Cesar Maldonaldo – Mexico
  • Set-up PoC for digital to capture outcomes of WASH projects and define lessons learned & best practices
    Denis Sigei – Kenya