Lombrifiltro (2022)

CPlantae, a sanitary engineering firm based in Mexico, has developed and commercialized prefabricated vermifilters for onsite wastewater treatment for the last few years. After gathering learnings from over 150 installations in Mexico and Latin America, we are about to launch our new Lombrifiltro as an alternative for 15 million people in Mexico and 440 million people in Latin America who do not have access to a sewer system.

In order to stimulate its commercial attractiveness with governments and non-profit organizations, we present this project proposal that aims to test the suitability of the new Lombrifiltro in an urban context.

During 8 months, we will implement and test 2 Lombrifiltros that will benefit 2 underserved families from San Pablo del Monte, Tlaxcala, Mexico. During the execution of this project we will design and apply a methodology to qualitatively and quantitatively monitor these units.

This project has a budget of approximately 3.500 EUR, from which CPlantae will contribute with 1.000 EUR in-kind contribution and we welcome Rotary to grant 2.500 EUR. In this proposal we justify the need of this project and its work scope. We consider that by supporting this project, Rotary accomplishes one of its causes as an organization: providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.